There is so much going on in my head. I have no idea how to get it all out. I want to just vomit up the words and feelings and thoughts. I don't want them inside of me anymore. I wish I could purge myself of all that is inside, the pain, the longing, the fears, the doubts, the regrets. If only they were like a bad meal, and would be expelled involuntarily by my body.

Instead they churn inside. Rumbling about, making me feel, think, see things I don't want to feel think or see. Things that are bad. Thoughts that fill me with a fear that shakes me to my very core.
I long to just feel a little, to see the light at the end of my tunnel. Instead I see only a bleak, blackness. I need to find a torch, something that will assist me in my dark journey. Some way to see, even if it is only the next step, the next leap. If not I shall tumble and fall, alone and no one will ever know.

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