What a weekend!

On Saturday morning Rhayn had a birthday party to attend. After that we were meeting my parents to drop off the girls and head out for our evening away at a fancy resort, in celebration of our 5th anniversary (which is actually next month.)

I had never left Gwennie Goo overnight, only having recently night weaned her. I was worried about it, but my parents assured me countless times that it would be fine.

We drove away and decided to pick up lunch because the drive was a hefty one. We arrived around four pm or so. Upon checking into our room (which was called a villa) we were shocked. That room was so nice, and huge. It was more of an apartment. With a full kitchen, laundry room, a separate bedroom and living/dining area. Holy cow it was nice. In the bathroom was the best part, a jacuzzi style tub. I was excited about that.

We had a great evening, enjoying not being parents and just getting to be a married couple. That is not something we get to enjoy often enough. It had started raining sometime during the night. We both woke up and commented on it. It drizzled all morning, as we sat and ate our breakfast in front of the fireplace. At around noon we left and checked out. We drove down Scottsdale Road, which was covered in water. Will made a comment about how it was good that we left when we did, this road looked like it was going to be flooded soon. We had lunch at PF Changs. (If you ever eat there, order the vegetarian lettuce wraps and/or kung pao scallops! so good.)

After lunch we were listening to the radio and heard a service announcement that the road we had been on and the area we had been staying in was under a severe flash flood warning. Good call on our part by getting out of that area! You hear so many stories about people who get caught in flash floods. I have ever seen hummers stuck in the middle of a flooded wash, the people sitting on the roof waiting to be rescued.

My mom met us around 3:30 and gave us back our darling daughters (who both had not gotten enough sleep and were g-r-u-m-p-s!) It was still drizzling outside when we stopped at home. Our poor dog had been left outside the whole time and she was an icicle. (Once again, I mention that she has practically no fur to speak of!)

All in all, a great weekend, filled to the brim with fun. I for one am ready to not do anything for a few days, it is too bad that I have so much laundry... rain= mud= mess.

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abeNanna said...

And Gwennie was so good, she sat through church and slept through most of Sunday school and RS. So with an hour and a half nap she should have been an angel when you got her back. We should be mean and make Rhayn sleep in another room, but...

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