I've Got Lucky Crabs

Friday was Hairball's birthday. Since her little nursling is old enough and able to take a bottle she was allowed out of his grasp to hang out with some friends (and a great cousin.)

In high school she and I were friends with brothers. We both hung out with these guys all of the time. Usually she gets to hang out with the one she was actually pals with JR, but this time she talked the older brother, DL, into hanging out with us, too. I will admit this made the evening even more exciting. I hadn't hung out with DL in years.

Our first stop of the evening was the movies and we watched all the blood and gore and delightful singing of Sweeney Todd. Oh my it was delectable (as far as arterial spray goes.) Johnny Depp did not disappoint in his role and although I probably won't watch it over and over again, I did enjoy the movie.

We were hungry (and not for meat pies) after the movie. Hairball likes to go out for seafood when she is sans husband, as he can not stand the smell of fish (and lets face it every seafood restaurant smells deliciously of fish.) We ate at Joe's Crab Shack. Our guys friends immediately told the waiter that it was someone's birthday. At Joe's they make the person stand up and participate in the festive singing. Hairball had to sing "I've got lucky crabs" while holding a plastic crab (her arm was complete!)

Our next destination was a bar. No, Hairball is still the fairly good little Mormon girl she always has been (but how can you be a great little Mormon girl when you just watched Sweeney Todd?) We were headed to karaoke night, to watch DL and JR sing. They were drinking and having a great time. I will admit that it was a little less than fun after the first hour. It was hot, my butt was stuck to the vinyl seat and it was about eleven at night. I am not a late night person, I get tired, and I like my sleep. But the laughter was good, my cheeks hurt from it. I suppose if anything that makes hanging out with the guys worthwhile. DL was voted class clown in our graduating class (I was voted "most talented," did I ever mention that?)

It was really late, but we still had a few more stops that we had to make. Our yearly pilgrimage to the naughty store. We went the a "fancy" one this time, less down and dirty sex items, more frilly and just funny ones.

Without making any purchases (well maybe one) we left. At this point I was hungry and thirsty. We zipped over to Denny's for quality food. It was the same Denny's that Will and I went to on our first date, and met at while I was pregnant with Rhayn and we were trying to talk. Lets just say there are a lot of memories at that Denny's. I had some greasy cheese fries,I don't know why I like those. But I do (I order mine without bacon.)

It was around two when we finally all headed home. I was so happy to be in my nice warm bed at that point. I can not wait to see what we do next year. Although I will have to find an actual babysitter as Will will be gone. I am constantly reminded of that by little things, things he won't be here to fix or do. But I have friends and family and that is really all you need. We will survive!

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tif-do said...

Sounds like a lot of fun... glad you got a night out.

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