I read. A. Lot. Lately I have been reading blogs, trying to find others who speak my soul song. Someone who thinks and feels like I do. Because honestly lately I have been feeling so lost in my own monotonously bland world.

A link from a blog I visit often sent me to a blog of a woman I have mentioned on here before. She is yet another person I look up to, and wish I could be. She fascinates me and let me tell you, she is beautiful on top of that. As I read her blog, the words that she writes hit that part of my soul that longs for a partner, or a feeling of truly knowing oneself.

Then, I came across this poem that she wrote. I read it the first time, and felt tears, I read it the second time, out loud, and cried. She wrote the thoughts in my very soul. She wrote what I most need to say to myself.

i will own it.

If only she knew how much she inspires me, and how much I am sure that she inspires others. I only wish that I inspired people in such a positive way. I wish that I wasn't afraid to be me, to feel what I feel, and most of all, say what is in my heart. But I will continue to be timid and cautious for that is me, and maybe instead of changing ME and longing to be someone other than that, I should embrace ME, the good parts along with the not so great.
I will
"revel in every
inch of it"


Doulala said...

I love her writing.

I'm on that same path of self discovery. Trying to figure out who I am & learning to love myself without wishing I was more like my friends.
It's hard.

Amie said...

That was a great poem, thanks for sharing

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