A Haircut

I have been considering it for weeks. The long unmanageable hair so wispy, so light. It needed a trim. But could I do it? Her curl, the tiny bit of curl that drew up the ends of her pretty blond hair might be gone forever.

So today, after we went in and had her two year old portraits taken, I trimmed Gwennie's hair for the first time. Admittedly, I did only trim about two inches off of the back. But it was hard. Her first haircut, such a milestone, such a big step for mama and her little girl.
She sat as still as any two year old could. Her sister zipped around us with the camera, snapping pictures as it happened. And in only about ten minutes, her hair is trimmed. Her baby wispiness is gone, in a way, I am sad, yet I am also glad its done and over with.


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YAY!!! she needed a trim! I am not sure if I will be as brave as you. It is taking madders so much time to grow her hair! I am PROUD of you!

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