A Pleasant Moment

It was handwork-group day. As lately I haven't been feeling inspired or anything, I only went for the companionship. I thought it would be nice to sit on the chair and listen to the other mamas talk about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

My good friend J has been gone a few weeks after having her nearly 12 pound son (ouch!) I have missed her immensely. I think about her often. She makes me happy and although I could have called her at any time, I remember how much I did not want to sit on the phone after Gwen was born. Plus I figured that everyone else was calling her. I woke up a few days ago missing her terribly.

She came to handwork today, and it was such a blessing. I have been feeling so unlike myself lately, and she really makes me feel better. I adore her, and her sweet kids. She is so the opposite of me in every way, but we get along so well.

I just really needed her, and luckily, my begging her husband to tell her that I needed her to come, worked! Yeah! Now I really just need to MAKE myself get over this funk. Or at least figure out what is wrong so that I can make myself feel better. I did listen to someone else who was describing feeling EXACTLY the same as I do, so it must be like a planetary shift of some other cosmic shift.

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