Blowing Chunks

What is more fun than being puked on in the middle of the night? Not much I can tell you. Gwennie has always had a strong gag reflex, so at first I assumed that she had just coughed and made herself puke. That was not the case. While I was making breakfast she vomited on the floor, over and over, backing away from it like it was going to attack her. She spent the whole day fussing, barely eating and drinking just a little. She had quite a lot of "gup" though.

Saturday night was a bad sleep night for me, as she started puking and fussing around 1 am. I finally fell asleep sometime around 4 am. She and I slept on the floor most of the night because every time we lay in the bed she gagged again. There really wasn't much left in her so most of it was her tiny body dry heaving. I figure it would be easier to clean the vomit off of the floor than the mattress. Gwen seemed to sleep fine but I woke up feeling sore all over.

Father's Day morning, we were all up around 7 (our "sleeping in" time.) I was out of it, but still made french toast and we gave the Daddies their gifts (I made books and had the girls color in them.) It was an ok day. We took a nap around 1:30 and I was so out that at 3 when Gwennie got out of bed, I didn't even notice and stayed there until 4pm.

Instead of going out for dinner I drove to the nearest Pei Wei and picked up dinner. We all ate and relaxed for a while. I realized that Gwennie had hardly peed all day. I sat down and Gwennie had an hour of "gup" while I watched tv.

We went to bed and I slept fine until 4 am, when I heard someone gagging, and puke a little. It was Rhayn this time. I sett up her "sick bed" and gave her an empty trash bin and towel. She lay down and dozed and puked on and off for an hour or so. I know that both Will and I have talked about our stomachs being upset.

The alarm rang around 530 for Will to get up, I dozed until about 615 and got up. Gwen and Rhayn got up at 630. Righ now we are all watching Max and Ruby while they sit on the couch with cups of water and some "oit meal"(that is how Rhayn says it.) I am worried about Gwen who did have a wet diaper at 7, but it had been dry DRY all night. She had a weird mucousy poop at 730.

I just hope we are all feeling better soon. We are going camping this weekend with my parents andG'Rat's family. We are all looking forward to it.

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abeNanna said...

Hope you are better by this weekend. Won't be too fun camping with sick kiddos.

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