WOW Widow

Its official. I am a World of Warcraft Widow. Yup, Will is playing that stupid game EVERY night. At first he said he didn't like it, but now? He does, I can tell. It is sucking the life from our marriage. Seriously, (TMI! ALERT!) we haven't really had sex since he started playing it. Maybe once? He would say that is just how we are, but I know differently.
Every night he goes into his office for "a quick game" and an hour or two later I go to see him, and he barely talks to me, he is so into the game.
Rock says I should start playing to, you know, to "save our marriage." But someone has to watch the kids, right (I mean if they were a little older, maybe.) I just don't want to lose all this time in my life playing a game!
I have a lot more to rant about, but right now I have to get Gwennie to sleep, so I can go do something... watch television, read a book, something without a child on my arm.

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