Out both ends...

The saga continues. The girls seem better. Gwen only puked a little bit yesterday morning and a little in the afternoon. I however spent the morning running to the bathroom.

I slept on and off, as much as you can with two kids. Around noon Will came home, he had been in the field all morning and came home to shower. Since he was home, I felt ok taking a really good nap even though Gwen wasn't sleeping.

I felt better in the evening.

This morning, the alarm went off, and I chose to stay in bed. I reasoned that I was getting over being sick an therefore could use the extra sleep. Will leaves at 630 usually, but this morning he came upstairs to tell me that Lily had diarrhea all over her crate in the night. It looked like a puppy poop horror flick, and didn't smell very nice either. He had gotten the crate outside and cleaned up the solids, but could I clean up the rest?

Something about bodily fluids gets me out of bed and into action faster than anything. I came downstairs to assess the damage. He was right, the crate was covered. He said he found her cowering in a corner trying not to poop on herself. There was not much left in the house, just a little on the carpet and our new couch, oh and of course, the wall.

Then there was poor sickly Lily. She had poop all over her. Her paws and tail, brown tinted. And she has blood coming out of her butt, too.


It is now an hour later, the crate has been sprayed off, the bedding washed (in its second cycle, just to be safe!) Lily has ad a shower the carpet shampooed. I am sitting here, FINALLY sipping my morning java and trying to figure out if I should call the vet, or if I should just assume she has something similar to us good chance, on Friday Gwen was having dinner naked (because we are just that white trash) and she pooped on the floor. Before we could get to it, Lily had totally slurped it all up (not the first time, too.) So Lily had a good dose of whatever virus we all have, taken internally.

For this moment, though, I am going to relax.


tif-do said...

As Kasey would put it
"that is sick, that is gross, that is deeescusting!" She is usually talking about something I've tried to feed her that she doesn't care for, but I think it would definiatly apply to your situation. Hope you all and doggie too are feeling better soon.

Amie said...

OH that's SO gross!!! Sorry the kiddos are sick...hopefully you're almost done!

Pen-nut said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon, not a fun way to spend a week of summer.

JadaInnovations said...

Hey girl,
If your pup has loose stools for a while, she may have giardia. It is very common in puppies. Also it is very contagious to humans. It can be spread through licking on your face and of course toddlers touching any poo. You DO NOT want to get giardia. Keep an eye on her, she may need antibiotics. If you have a microscope, give me a call and I will check her out for you if you want, that was the main sickness our puppies got in the puppy store up in Flagstaff. Symptoms are very runny poo, blood in the poo, and the poo kinda looks like snot. Sorry so gross.

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