Summer, Day 1

Its not really the first day of summer vacation, because its a holiday, right? It feels like it, though. Will has to work today, he traded Friday off to work today. They needed people he said, because of soldiers coming in or something.

I am already disillusioned with summer. I hate summer, I don’t like being home, and I miss my school friends. What will I do all summer alone? I mean I have that girl I hang out with A, who went to school with Will and Rock. Let me tell you, she is so awesome and we have so much in common and so much to talk about, I absolutely adore her.

I think we are going to load up when the girls get up, and head to Grandma’s house. Its been a while since we visited the area. I haven’t see PurpleLurple’s house or Dacheese’s new paint. Plus, there is always Great-Grandma to visit!

For now, while I wait for kids to wake up, I am playing Bookworm on Yahoo. Yeah, it kills a few while I wait, and I enjoy it. (I just spelled Merged… good word!)

I bought Rhayn a necklace/bracelet set to wear for her last day of kindergarten. She hasn’t taken it off since then. So Gwennie thought she needed a necklace and found my favorite 1928 necklace, its red with a heart that dangles (in the previous post you can see it and the one Rhayn’s wearing.) Last night I tried to take it off, and put it on the counter while we brushed teeth and did our evening routine. Gwen grabbed it and tried to put it back on. She pointed at her neck, and held it out. So back on it went. Its so cute, my little girl, with her girlieness. I am so lucky to have such adorable kids!

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