Taking Time

I don't think Will and I take enough time for us. Especially with our roommate. We haven't really spent any time together lately. Even our mornings have been interrupted by Gwennie. I am pretty sure she is sick, AGAIN, but still I wish she would stay asleep when I am not in there with her. I am working on it.

Tonight we are fighting. Well I thought it was joking, and I guess I took it a step too far. So Will isn't talking to me, and I have given up on trying to get him to talk. I hate going to bed without saying "I'm sorry" and he won't even look at me (even turned his head when I tried to give him a goodnight kiss.)

I know it will all be ok, we will get over it. It is just crap in the moment. Plus, I hate fighting in front of people, and Rocky was in the room when it went sour.

Ok, yes, we fight in front of the girls occasionally. I mean, how can you not? I think its good for them to see that Mama and Daddy can get upset with each other and disagree, but in the end they still love each other and will work it out. I know my parents disagreed in front of us, and because they did, I usually do not feel like the world will end when Will and I argue.

I am off to bed now. Gwennie is fussing, and I need sleep. We have a big day planned tomorrow.

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Amie said...

You know, I always heard growing up "Never go to bed angry", meaning, stay up all night if you have to in order to solve the problem. But in my experience, so many of the things we can argue about are little meaningless things that totally don't matter in the morning. Sometimes, sleeping on it is the best thing to help you get over the hurt and wake up happy and in love again. Usually, in the morning, it just doesn't seem like a big deal worth fighting about any more. that's my two cents. =)

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