Finally She likes me!

Because Dacheese and I had babes around the same time, our neices haven't taken to us. Not like Rhayn took to her "Aunt Meh Meh" (or dacheese.) After Dacheese's birthday last week Madder has totally liked me. I watched her that day so her mommy and daddy could go out shopping. She was a little sick, too, which made her snuggly and lovable. I haven't really snuggled her in her 17 month long life. Its not because I haven't tried either. Its just that I was chopped liver next to all of our kids' favorites- Grandpa and Aunt Stacey.

On the tenth, Great-Grandma had a get together at her house because our aunt, LVH, was visiting. Madder was my friend that whole day, too. She even went to me over Grandpa AND her mom! Let me tell you that I have never been any of the kids favorite. None of my nieces or nephews has ever gone to me first. In fact with Rhayn, I was pretty low of the love totem pole.

I am totally stoked about Madder liking me. Look at those big browns! Look at that dark hair! How could you not fall in love with this little lady? This doesn't mean that I like Madder better than Gwennie, not by a long shot. I could stare into those big brown eyes, with lashes like Twiggy for hours. I could carry her and talk to her for hours. In the end though, I would take my little snuggle-buggle.

But for now, I will enjoy being one of Madder's favotire people!
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