What a Guy!

I am so lucky. Really. I have a great cousin, who doesn't mind hanging out with his lame-o cousin.

After a few days of having Gwennie attached to me nonstop, because once again she was sick, I went out childless on Thursday night. Admittedly, we only went out to eat and then walked around Mill Avenue and Tempe Town Lake. So it wasn't a fast paced evening. It was relaxing, and there was great conversation. Most of all, I came home feeling relaxed, at ease with life.

Let me tell you a little about the great restaurant he took me to! The Cornish Pasty Company. Honestly I am drooling a little just thinking about those pasties! I have always loved pasties. My mom made them when we were growing up. They were tasty pie crust dough with meat and potatoes inside. So I was actually familiar with the pasty, not everyone is! He had tried them first up north, and had only had that meat and potato kind. Then he found this place. They have anything and everything you could possibly want in a tender, flaky crust. I had the Greek Chicken, it was so good. I had a hard itme not getting the Chicken Tikka Masala one, and I would really like to go back, right now to get it. (I think Will would try the Lamb Vindaloo.) I REALLY wanted that Apple Caramel Pasty, too, but was so full from my dinner. Oh, I think I will be taking Will there soon.

Back to my cousin...

I have been blessed by that cousin my whole life. When we were babies we were good pals. Then as teenagers we really became close. I mean how many of you were able to have an opposite sex friend, who loved you no matter what and never wanted in your pants? I don't know how hard high school would have been if I hadn't had him, his friendship, his vehicle, his jokes. High school, and after would have been a different place, that is for sure.

We have so much in common, being left handed, being brought up LDS, and not attending church now. We went to seminary together, we went to church dances and concerts (Hole and Veruca Salt, Lollapalooza) we grew up together.

He is one of those guys that EVERYONE should have in their life. Hairball has praised him on her blog. So I thought it was time for me to praise him and his friendship. What a guy! And weren't we cute babies? I would post our teenage pictures, but well, they are interesting... our fashion sense left a lot to be desired!

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Amie said...

I always thought pasties were things you attached to your boobs.

Huh...anyway, great fun with your cousin! It's good to get a night away every once in a while.

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