Updates and Fevers

It never ends does it? The sniffling and sneezing and blowing. Its disgusting. My clothes the past few days have been covered in snot trails. While at night there hasn't been a moment when her hot hand wasn't on me. I thought today would be better. Her fever was down last night, and this morning. Notice I said DOWN and not gone. So I decided that we would go look at dishwashers, because we are replacing our piece of crap one. When I went to pick up Rhayn at school, Gwennie temperature was back up in the 102 to 104 range. She has diarrhea. In fact about twenty minutes ago, she farted, only it squirted, and I was letting her poor hiney air out. . Thank goodness for cloth dipaers, we have been going through about ten diapers a day right now.

I think I am starting to worry about Gwennie. If she still has a fever tomorrow I will take her to the doctor. Or at least call the doctor. I had to pump this morning, and am getting ready to pump again. She is stuffed up and unable to nurse. This time I am trying to avoid getting a breast infection, because I am still not 100% from the cold/flu I had last week.

Today was Rhayn's first day of the coveted "Nap Care." She has been asking for it for months. It is like aftercare. They stay until 3 pm. The teacher reads them a story while they lay in cots. Then they do artsy stuff, sewing or playing with beeswax. She loved it. Although she said it was too hot.

I think my toes finally thawed out today. It was 80 here. I am so sorry for you who are in the north and experienced those negative temperatures. It was so beautiful here that it made me smile just because it felt like spring. I am not ready for the summer temperatures, but I will take a day of two like this. Ahhhh.


Mid-life Midwife said...

Will your girls drink Emergen'C?
Most kids love it, esp. the berry flavored ones. It contains 1000mg Vitamin C. Everyone drinks one a day in this house, and it really does seem to help keep us all healthy.
I know this doesn't help in the midst of all this sickness, just thought I'd mention it.
Prayers your way for quick recoveries and healthy immune systems!
And YES, it is frickin' fah-reezin' here in Michigan! -25 this morning. High of 7 today. Thankfully they cancelled school. Lots of school buses refused to start (b/c they're smart!). Brrrr.

lvh said...

Well, just so you know - yesterday morning and again today, it was about 45 when I went outside to feed the horses and it was so absolutely gorgeous that I did not want to have to come back in the house to go to work. It felt so much like spring. But tonight, back to the reality of the frozen north and snow. Oh well, just makes me appreciate the warmer weather that much more.

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