Does food have a taste? I have forgotten. This morning I was having a cup of orange juice and the only thing I could tell was that it was acidic on my poor, sore throat. Last night we had spaghetti with meat sauce, and I could not taste it at all. I couldn't smell it either.

Honestly I can't remember the last food I tasted.

Maybe it was that artichoke green chile (ok, jalapeno) dip that I made when my parents were over? The day we had hot wings and all manner of fried foods, in preparation for the super bowl? Its a good thing we enjoyed those foods then, because even if we had had hot wings and the like for super bowl Sunday, I couldn't have tasted any of it. I did make some hummus, but the only thing I could taste in that was garlic, and that is because it was extremely garlicky.

I am not stuffed up, I can breath through my nose, its just the mucous that is plaguing me has rendered my schnoze useless.

*Gwennie seems to be better, at least her temperature is normal.


abeNanna said...

It's not even fun to eat when you can't taste things. Just textures and an occassional hint of something else. Sure hope that as the weather warms you are all well. Love ya

dacheese said...

I wish that I couldnt taste some things so that I would stop craving them (costco cake) Maybe I would be able to fit in my clothes( pre preggo!)

Amie said...

I totally feel for you...that was us last week. I leave the house with handprints and snot and smudges all over my clothes and you know? I don't even care. Little red badges of courage. (rolling my eyes!)

Dacheese has a good point...I usually do lose weight when I can't eat. Not that you need it!

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