Gwennie is really sick. Yesterday we went out shopping for a while when Rhayn was at school, she slept in my arms the whole time I walked around. Then when we were on our way home, she puked apple juice all over herself and car seat. Poor baby.
She has a fever of 102 plus, and has been in my arms for nearly 24 hours. She will nurse, so not too worried about her getting liquids. She is peeing too. Its not fun. I am certain its the flu, but Will (who is also sick) keeps saying "But I had a flu vaccine." (Think about it, if there was an epidemic of flu, we need out Guardsmen to not be sick as well, it makes sense for them all to receive one.) Its OK, I am feeling so much better, and able to deal with my sicky.
Rhayn and I have a date planned for this afternoon. If Gwennie feels better so she can stay with daddy while Rhayn and I go out for lunch.

Its going to be a long day, no matter what!

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Soundhunter said...

Hope the sicknesses leave your home soon, what a rough patch you've been through!

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