Mama Says Om: Remember

I love you, even though I never tell you. I need you to know, I need to say it, but its scary. I don't know why it is. I have no problem saying it to others, and you are the same way. Is that something wrong with us? Is not saying "I love you" part of our problem?

I do love you, and you should know that.

I remember the night we met so clearly. I remember calling the apartment you were partying at, and talking to you. I may not remember what exactly was said, but I remember that you were very nice. I remember stopping to get coffee on the way to the apartment, so that I wouldn't fall asleep while I was there.
I remember walking up to the apartment, and seeing your friend Rocky, whom I had met before. Then I saw you. I was attracted to you immediately, even though you were totally not what I thought of as my type. I remember our shoes, yours were brown Docs in the wing tip fashion, mine were cheap black wingtips. I remember talking to you, walking to your car to get those sticks that you are your buddies would soon be beating on each other with. I remember taking that shot of Saki (and how bad it tasted with the coffee I had been drinking.) I remember giving you my number, and thinking you would never call.

I remember that you did call, the next weekend, and we went out and had a great time. I think that I loved you right away.

mama says om: Remember

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Carter said...

Ah - that is sweet. We just watched a show on PBS last night about LoVe and it was so cute. I think you should forward this post to your man and maybe he will respond via email and you can get a little love fest going back and forth.

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