It is official!

We have a tooth here! After about a month of fussing and drooling, Bug's first tooth broke the skin yesterday. It was the worst day yet, for her. So after she fell asleep I felt her gum, and there was something poking out. Just barely, but there is was. Now she is a big Bug with her first "toof!" How great!

I will totally miss her gummy grin, that sweet expanse of pink toothlessness in her sweet mouth. Ah- nostalgic already, and it only broke through, you can't even see it yet!

Her demeanor is different today, and that is good, because Rhayn woke up totally congested and her lymph nodes swollen. I gave her a 1/2 a claritin, hopefully she will feel better.

And because you haven't seen a picture of my BOOB in a while! A picture of Buggie's favorite position for nursing, she sits in my lap and leans her head over, then slowly falls asleep and oozes down. Its quite sweet.


dacheese said...

YAY toofers!!!

Mid-life Midwife said...

lovely photo! that is so sweet!

leaner said...

thanks, mlmw! I thought it was a great photo, too.

dacheese- yeah for toofers! But at the same time... I hope you get to keep a toofless madder a bit longer, teething is MISERABLE!

dacheese said...

madders was teething the night before last and IT WAS HORRIBLE. I can tell that there is more of a tooth there now. Hopefully it will stay where it is at for a while.

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