Zoo Curries

I only have four weeks left in my class. Four long weeks, because it will be Will's busiest month of OCS yet. So I am already stressing about my class (I have to read 3 chapters! ACK! and do a lab.) Even Will has conceded that my class is a very difficult one, and if I can pull a C out of it, I will be feeling pretty good.

Even though he has a lot of homework and army work, we decided to take one last hurrah at the zoo, before the hot weather turns toxic. It was nice, and Bug slept the entire 2 hours (ok she woke once to eat.) It was an easy morning and we enjoyed it. The zoo has a small rose garden, which we walked into. Our noses were assaulted by the soft and savory smell of the roses. As we neared the back of the garden a group of people sat eating their lunch, the pungent and rich smells of their curry wafted, mixing with the roses. Oh glory, I was hunrgy, and that smell was delightful. If you are familar with Indian Curries, rose water is often used in the food that accompanies it, such as the desserts, it is a flavor that marries so well.

After the zoo we headed to what I thought was a decent Indian place, called the Dehli Palace. It did not taste delectable, in fact I left feeling more hungry for curry than when I entered. So disappointing when that happens. Bug liked it, she had saag (curry made with ground spinach) and a taste of the gravy part of the chicken tikka masala. She must have managed to eat a pea, because there was a mostly undigested one in her diaper this morning. (Along with the spinach totally undigested as well. But she does like it!)
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