Definitely a sickie

Rhayn has been a bit whiney lately, so I have been trying to give her a "rest period" every day. Now I have tried this in the past and it didn't work, but this time, I am determined (haha- give me a few days.)
Today she told me that she wanted to rest on the couch, after eating a bowl of chicken and stars for lunch. But I told her "No, you should go lay in your room for half an hour to rest." She argued about wanting to rest on the couch, but I persisted. So upstairs she went.
A few minutes later, all is quiet (it normally isn't.) I walk upstairs to check on her, and she is fast asleep.
Poor little girl, my poor sick girl.
But I must say, this has been the nicest half hour- so calm, so relaxing, restful for mama, too.
(Bug is asleep also!)

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