Labor Day- and I am still pregnant (whew!)

Another day is nearing its end. The Sky is filling with clouds that are not quite rain- but could easily turn into a nice storm.

Ah- the Monsoon season is wonderful.
The smell of wet creosote.
That special wet desert smell.
Beautiful electrical storms.
Sitting on the porch watching the storm roll in. I wish I could do that all of the time.

I spent the morning cleaning up our back porch. We figured out where the cricket problem was coming from, those things were breeding in the things piled all over the patio. If you have ever had a pet that required live crickets for food, well our backyard looked like those cages at a pet store. The ones with cardboard and paper towels and a million hopping annoyances. Its all because we had started a patio cover project early summer and the heat and all of our obligations had slowed it to nearly a stop. The roof is on, it just needs electrical and stucco. Almost done.

I swear I will get a picture of me SMILING and pregnant. Its not because I am not happy, I just can't seem to capture myself SMILING!

My mom called a little while ago, because my Great Aunt Florence died on Saturday. My mom and dad had planned to go visit her on Sunday. I hope that she is happier in Heaven. I wish I had known her a little more, too. This reminds me that I really need to go and spend some time with my own Gramma.

I have just had trouble, because of being hormonally pregnant. There are certain people who just get under my skin and for some reason Gramma is one of them! I am sure after baby is born, I will feel better and be able to spend some quality time with her. Plus right now, I am NOT driving that far. I have contractions that make me stop to breathe through them every now and then. That is NOT good while I am driving. I just hope to pop this baby out soon! (Next week would be great! hee hee.)

I had nightmares all night that this baby was going to be born. I even was woken up by pains a few times. In one dream I was transferred to the hospital, but my midwife couldn't tell me why. In another Rhayn was the one who was having the baby and I was trying to get her to the hospital because she was only 30 weeks or so. But when her baby was born I was nursing her.

I do NOT want any more crazy pregnancy dreams! They will end soon, right??


tif-do said...

When I was prenant with Wyatt I dreamt that He was a chicken drumstick and I was carrying him around the mall saying look at my cute baby. I talked to Grandma tonight- I miss her- but I understand the under the skin thing too, I just keep thinking I need to stop taking her for granted.

leaner said...

I know- its hard not to take her for gratned, like she'll always be there! She won't be and I know that! But at the same time, I have a really hard time making myself visit her (besides the hour drive!)
When I was pregnant with Rhayn I would dream she was a cat and I would nurse her. I also had a few lovely dreams where she was born with only one arm or leg, fun fun! That is funny that your son was a chicken drumstick! Pregnancy dreams are hilarious AFTERWARDS!

TLC said...

Great photo! Look at you all sway back and belly popping out. You look ready - that's for sure. I am sending good delivery blessings your way via the internet.

I have to just say how wonderful Gra'ma is. Since the first moment I met her we have had a good thing. I always feel like God surrounds me with kindred spirits and she is definitely one of them. She has always been encouraging at just the right moments and those times are the ones that always come to mind and it's worth hearing her stories for the umpteenth time! She has a heart of gold.

Cherish it all, have no regrets.

leaner said...

Thanks TLC, i feel "ready" for sure! but at teh same tiem, so afraid!
I know how great Gramma is! Its just hard sometimes. Like you know how wonderful your hubby really is, but you take him forgranted until some unforseen event happens that reminds you just how much you love him and need him. Its like that, totally like that.

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