Getting to know you, getting to love you

Reading blogs, this is my passion right now. I read about my cousins' lives. People I haven't been able to keep in contact with because they have moved so far away, or those who live close but I do not get to talk to regularly. It is nice, to read about these lives, children whom I may have never met.

I want my life to be exciting, so that my blog will be exciting. I want my words to be so eloquent that I feel like a writer, its something I have always wanted to do, I just don't think I am that good at it! (Aside from some essay contests won at a young age- what have I done of any importance?) I have stories to tell, things to say- so why do they remain hidden inside of me? Should I just write the first story that comes to mind? Should I try to appeal to others? Or maybe just appeal to myself? It is important that I enjoy what I write more than all of you. Me- this is to make ME HAPPY.

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TLC said...

I know you have it in you! Go like the wind and write till your heart's content!!!

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