What a day yesterday was!

Waking up early is very difficult when you didn't get much sleep! So at 5 am, when Will wanted to get up to start getting things ready to finish the roofing on our, as yet unfinished patio cover, I had a hard time even opening my eyes. He decided that he wasn't getting up until 6 am. So I reset the alarm and turn on the second one (for myself- I am not getting up at 6!)

My parents arrived to help. My dad immediately started helping Will. My mom and I sat and chatted all morning while we listened to them hammering away. Ah- sometimes I am glad to be pregnant, because they don't expect my help in these projects! (I do not really WANT to climb on a roof to lay asphalt roofing! Not really my cup of tea!)

I learned some things. My mom is proud of me for choosing a home birth. She had 4 of the 5 of us in the hospital with very little intervention (episiotomy with 2 of us.) She labored without drugs, and said that having us was very different than my little sister (she had an epidural with her.) I am only afraid of tearing badly, but started trying to do perinial massage every day. I forgot yesterday. It take a little while, and usually involves me relaxing- so I didn't have a chance until late last night. By then, I was exhausted!

Rhayn was very good all day, she didn't act up. It surprised me because usually when people are over she becomes a holy terror. She will get so riled up that I just want to put her in the corner. Yesterday, she was calm. Maybe having guests nearly all week was helpful. My baby brother stayed on Monday night and most of Tuesday. My sister came over on Thursday and stayed until Friday evening. It was a busy family week. If no one had visited all week, then she probably would have been quite- um- a pain yesterday.

We also went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I had taken Rhayn to see it already, but she was pretty good while we watched it again. My parents and Will hadn't seen it. I think I would like it if Johnny Depp's portrayal of Willy Wonka wasn't so creepy! He has been likened to Michael Jackson- which I can see in some ways, BUT the Wonka character doesn't seem to like kids and despises parental units. He seems creepy when he talks and even though much of what he says is directly from the book- well it comes across uber-creepy, and weird. I loved the Oompa Loompa songs though! They are MUCH more entertaining than the original.

My dad and Will were going to come back after the movie, when it had cooled off a little and finsih the roof. It decided to storm and they were unable to work out there. So once again Will is up there working. I just hope he gets this all done and we can start working on making our patio area nice. (We do still have to do stucco on the columns and paint.) I am excited to get some patio furniture and sit out there with a cup of coffee and watching Rhayn play. It will be nice, once it cools off!


hairball said...

yeah, the oompa loompas disco. that is totally awesome.

leaner said...

I like the 70s rock one, its awesome (Mike TeeVee.)
I think my mom really liked it- and she is an Oompa Loompa freakazoid!

TLC said...

I was just thinking about your family and how they felt about you having a homebirth. What a nice feeling knowing that you are supported. You will be set to deliver your babes in a few more weeks!

I am finally back on the blogspot!

tif-do said...

I really liked the new Charlie, But I have to agree, although I've had a super crush on Depp for years, he didn't make my heart flutter in this one. I saw the original for the first time with Aunt Lynda, we watched it and ate lots of candy. What a cool aunt!

leaner said...

johnny depp usually is quite a hottie, but after his creepy performance... i am wary.
i think i watched the original for the first time at Aunt Lynda's too! She is an awesome aunt, just wish she lived closer!
i am stoked that my family is supportive. i was really worried for a while. i still think Will would be happier if we were going to a hospital, but i think afterwards he will be glad we did it this way! he'll definatly get more baby time in the first few days than if we were in a hospital (and they dragged baby away for hours!)

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