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Its Army weekend, so Will is gone tonight and tomorrow night. Its lonely when he isn't here. I can't imagine what life would be like without him, even if he is being- well a jerk.

Rhayn drew a picture of her baby sister on my belly. She always draws the baby laying down, so if she draws a picture of our family we will all be standing, except baby sister who will usually be laying in the grass. Sometimes she draws her still" in the belly." She will draw me, then baby sister across my stomach then Rhayn colors over the baby. You can see the baby, but its a dark blob. I love watching her draw. Notice the sun and grass? There is a yellow flower near my navel, too. Today she says baby sister will have green eyes like her and daddy, but most of the time, she will say baby sister is going to have BROWN eyes like mommy (I am hoping for brown eyes! She would be the first brown-eyed baby, unless Bri has a brown-eyed baby before me! Hee heee!)

I was really freaked out earlier. Will was supposed to get some telephone numbers for me, just in case I go into labor while he is on duty. He didn't and so I was calling his work and freaking out. He didn't take a mobile phone, so it was no use calling that. (Not that he can answer it while he is on duty.) He finally called me a little after 4 pm with some numbers. I was so relieved. I don't think I will go into labor this weekend, but you never know AND its better to know that I can get ahold of him just in case. It really relieved that stress level!

Today all in all was a fairly uneventful day. I woke up early to the sound of thunder (it started at 6:15 and woke Will and I up.) We woke, but didn't GET up until after 7. When he left for work, I went back to bed. Rhayn watched Harry Potter (which she used to call "Peter Potter") while I slept. She read the baby stories and let me sleep until 11 am. I needed it. When I got out of bed we made lunch. Then I painted our downstairs bathroom (faux finish- it looks strange, but I think its because I am not used to it yet- it was white before... the color really warms it up.) When I finished with that is was about 3 pm. That was when I freaked out about Will and phone numbers. At 4 we ordered a pizza and relaxed.

Tomorrow is Collin's birthday party. I am supposed to take a side dish- hmmmm. I don't know what to take- maybe I'll stop at Costco on the way and pick up a veggie tray or fruit tray. I don't want to make anything. Rhayn and I picked out an outfit for Collin, because Hairball requested NO TOYS, and I totally understand that! Half of my clutter problem is toys, which ones do I get rid of? Most of the ones Rhayn plays with are baby friendly, because we never really started buying her the toys with little parts (because we knew we would have another!) She loves her Little People toys, and I love them, too. I want to get her the zoo for Christmas- but I think its more for me than her... Then again... she does play with them! AND they are baby friendly! I guess we'll just wait and see. We have also talked about getting an aquarium for us all for Christmas. Rhayn has mentioned wanting fish on several occasions and it would be something we could all enjoy. I think I will look into them, and see what kind I would like to get, probably a bigger one. I am not sure I am up for salt water, though. Since I will be the one taking care of it!

Will started some herbs, oregano, basil, cilantro, mints, and a few more. He never remembers to water them. I have no problem getting plants started HOWEVER once they reach a certain point, I seem to kill them. I did NOT inherit my dad's green thumbs! I think I am too impatient, or maybe I just have issues with not watering enough. I know when they are first starting they need a lot of water, and I am ok with that. Once they get to a certain point... I neglect watering. I haven't killed too many plants at this house- only a hibiscus, a ruella, and a few cypress trees. I am getting better. But I made Will in charge of watering, he turns our drip system on 2-3 times a week for 3 hours. I just can't make myself leave it on that long- OR I forget to turn it off until the next morning. We did have a gopher problem, too. They chewed a hole in our drip system. Grrr...

Well I suppose I should go to bed, I am feeling very tired and crampy. Earlier I could feel the baby laying SIDEWAYS! One end near my lower left abdomen and the other end in the upper right (near but not in my ribs.) It was strange because I had not noticed her laying like that before. Maybe if she was breech- that is her moving back. It wasn't painful, so she could do something like that while I am asleep. I don't know. I think we just have to wait and see. Ultrasound Monday- only a few days- Stay put little girl!

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