8 weeks

Wow... I am 8 weeks already. This is great, if time keeps flying like this I will be through the morning sickness in NO time at all, yeah! I am feeling a little better. It is still a daily struggle. I ate so much today it felt good, but now I feel stuffed and can't wait for that feeling to go away (so I can eat more!)
I finally got into eating fruit again. Maybe I am over the carb kick. I hated that I could only eat bread/cereal. It was not fun.
Rhayn has pink eye this week, so I missed classes Monday and Tuesday. Its ok I really like my Biology teacher- she let me make-up the quiz. I wish I had studied for it! My Psychology teacher on the other hand... well I don't know how well I am doing in that class. I am worried about our exam on Wednesday. I need to study and I really need to do other homework (current event reports for BIO and outline for my research paper)
I may finally be hitting my stride for school. Now I just have to keep from puking in class! HAHA!

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