Poor Rhayn is sick. I knew she was last night as she had a low grade fever. This morning she seemed fine but about noon I noticed that her lymph nodes (neck) were soo swollen. I didn't have to touch them to KNOW it was bad. We have been watching her and they really haven't gone down. However she can't go to school so I miss my first class. I hate missing classes, you feel so behind and I might miss a quiz. Argh! I guess I could use the day home to clean the house and do laundry- but class is only an hour long. ugh. I wish I knew someone who could watch her around here.
Everything else is good today. I still feel a little sick, so I am sure the baby is fine. :)
I have an u/s scheduled for Wednesday and we'll see the baby's heart and then I can tell people! Yeah! I want to tell my grandma! Its hard to not tell her anything. Once she knows the whole family will know! :) I am off to bed!

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