I feel so sick. I think today its partially worrying about the ultrasound later this afternoon. I am really worried about making myself ingest 32-40 ounces of liquid! AH! That is a lot! I have trouble drinking a 20 oz glass of water!! It makes my stomach upset thinking about it!
I am starting to think I have strep, also. My throat is so sore and dry. Its crazy. Yesterday morning I woke up in a sweat! It was awful. I am watching it- I DO NOT want to be sick. I do not want them to do a culture of my throat (ouch- I know that would GAG me! WAHHH!)

I have not been sleeping well- its like I wake up 5 times a night to feel sick and try to get comfortable. I know in a few months this will all be worth it! I just forgot how BAD it feels while you are sick! (with in 8 weeks I should be able to feel the baby move! HOW AWESOME!)

I am officially 6 weeks pg yesterday! Yippee! Since I am feeling soooo sick I am not at all worried about losing the baby! Even the spotting last weekend doesn't make me nervous. I just feel GOOD about this pregnancy finally. I am so excited to see my baby's heartbeat today. I can't wait. I wish it was now.

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