feel so depressed

I am in a funk today. I feel just awful and out of it. I hate this feeling. Its not any fun. I wish I knew what is up so that I can fix it! maybe I just need to tell myself to get up and DO something!
I need to go and prepare a stew, I am planning on that for dinner and need to get it in the crock pot. Then I need to BADLY take out the trash, oh well I've only been up for a few hours.
why am I in such a FUNK??!?!?!

Last night I dreamed that I took a pregnancy test and it was BOLDLY positive. I took one this morning and its just negative. Not that I expected anything else, but I am getting discouraged and feeling like there is something wrong with me! Cycle day 36? I remember when I used to have 28 day cycles and they were easy because I wasn't wondering all of the time about WHEN "she" would show up! Today however I am feeling a little crampy, but it could have been from when I didn't PEE even though I knew I had to at 6.

Yesterday I took Rhayn to the library for "Family Story Time" it was fun. She really enjoyed it (as usual) so I really need to make sure she gets there more often. I think they have that 2 days a week, which will be nice.

I suppose I should get my butt off of the computer and try to get stuff done. Later I need to take the truck to get the oil changed--- fun fun fun.

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