House of Bowls.

I lay down at night, my stomach cramping, or maybe my uterus, or something else. I can't tell. I can only tell that I feel miserable. I sleep fitfully on the couch so that others can sleep. Morning comes and I still feel awful. I worry, because I am not yet 36 weeks, that something is wrong with the baby. So I take the day off, taking it easy, resting my weary body, doing only what must be done (getting dinner in the crock pot), feeding myself and Natalie.

The day wears on and I don't feel better. It is the girls' last day of school, a short day and they arrive home weary but happy. Arms loaded with papers and hearts full of memories. Natalie is napping on the couch so I allow them to watch t.v. while I go to my bed and rest more.

Not much later, dozing in and out of dreamland, Rhayn comes to me "Natalie threw up" and I can hear her crying. She's not thrown up in a very long time, really it was just spitting up that she did last. Unlike Gwen who is the vomit queen (at 3 she was able to make it to the toilet 99% of the time, unlike Rhayn who still pukes all over the bathroom on her way to the toilet) and  still throws up easily. Rhayn helped me clean up. Natalie was standing by the toilet a stream of puke leading from the recliner to the bathroom.

I pick up Natalie and place her in the tub to rinse her off (she has puke in her hair). And then we snuggle. I run the first load of laundry.

Much later, much much later she throws up again, this time all over the carpet in my bedroom. Will helps clean up. I am trying not to throw up myself. Gwen is gagging because Natalie puked on her.

I went to sleep around 8 but got up around 9 to get Natalie from Rhayn. Another fitful night of sleep. My legs are restless and I can not really feel comfortable. My body aches from laying down all day. It is miserable. All night... miserable.

At 6am I am wide awake. Will is getting ready to ride his bike to work (he does this 2 days a week). I wander out and Will tells me that Rhayn was throwing up all night. She looks miserable laying on the couch with a bowl near her. I can tell this is going to be a very long day.

But at least I am feeling better, my stomach still feels a little off, but I haven't puked (or had diarrhea.) Natalie seems to be feeling better. She ate a bowl of cereal and hasn't  thrown up today. Gwen isn't sick yet, but I am sure she will be soon.

I am glad we waited to get this until school was out. It would have been sad for the girls to miss any of the last week of school. Hopefully this is a quick illness, with only 24-48 hours of feeling awful.

My stomach feels much better, not 100% but much better. I feel anxious though. Like I am crawling out of my skin, and the house is a huge mess and it smells. I think I will force myself to spend the day cleaning.

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