ER scare

Friday morning I had another NST. I felt weird on my way in, like something was wrong but assumed it was just that I was leaving the girls home with Rhayn as a babysitter and she was so sick.

I didn't rush and felt somewhat calm when I got in, but they hooked me up and my bp was high (for me) 112/78 my pulse was 122. I was on the monitor for 30ish minutes and the second time my bp was down to 112/68 (more normal for me) though my heart rate was still 120. The nurse took it once before letting me go and my heart rate was 101. (I didn't look at the bp at that time.) I felt panicky.

I went home and tried to relax. It didn't seem to help. Around 2 we got a delivery from Lowe's for a deck Will was planning to build this weekend. After that, since the heart racing feeling wasn't going away I called the OBs office and had the nurse call me back. I told her it felt like I was having a panic attack. She had me go to the ER right away.

I called Will and told him what was up, so that he could get home as soon as possible. He'd ridden his bike to work and would need to finish up some stuff there before riding his bike home. I told poor, sick Rhayn that I needed to go to the ER because my heart was beating too fast and that Daddy would be home as soon as possible. I loaded up on gatorade on my way in to town (it takes about 10 minutes to get to the hospital.)

At the ER I was the only one there (thank goodness!) and the registration nurse asked if I'd been sent over from Dr. S's office (I had). They had me fill out a little bit of paper work, took my blood pressure and pulse (112/68 and 120) and I sat in the waiting room while a space was cleared for me in the ER.

While I was sitting there I saw a friend's husband and her cute little girl. I would have loved to have a chat with them, but I was honestly feeling so anxious and freaked out, thinking all of the horrible things that could be happening to me. (Not helpful when having an anxiety attack!)

After a while, probably 20 minutes I was taken back and set up in a room, well one of those cubicles with a nice curtain all around it. I gave urine, blood and was set up on a pulse/O2 monitor. My pulse raced from 99 to 128. It would stay around 114 for a while though. I was given an EKG and watched a lot of HGTV (fun since we don't have cable at home.)

I listened to a lady freak out about her Xanax(?)  or some other drug she "needed" and eventually she fell and was in a neck brace and had all sorts of issues. Freaky for sure.

I listened as a mama with a small baby came in, he wasn't breathing right and had been lethargic for a week.

The nurse, or PA or whatever she was came in and told me that my D-Dimer (?) levels were a little high even for a pregnant woman, and that could mean pulmonary clots. I could have a CT scan, but that would be bad for the baby. There wasn't any medication that they were comfortable giving me because of the baby either.

I called Will to ask him to come down and help me make a choice. My heart had been racing for almost 24 hours at that point and I felt so exhausted. I really just wanted to sleep. It took him about 40 minutes to get to the ER because he was feeding the girls. Not a big deal.

The PA told him all of the same things that she'd told me, and we talked about it. I felt calmer once he got there which was really nice, my heart rate even started dropping a little. We decided to wait and see how I felt in the morning or the next day. A while later I was discharged and came home.

I still felt wrong and off all night. I took a bath and tried to make myself relax. I don't feel like my heart is racing or like I am as anxious as I was. But I still am worried. I am stressing about all sorts of things that. soooo do. not. matter.

One good thing? Through all of this baby girl is doing perfectly. She is responding perfectly to the NSTs and BPPs, and I feel really glad that I am doing them. They give me a peace of mind that is helping me a bit with the other issues I seem to be having.

Of course, next Monday (not tomorrow) Will has to go for annual Army training- for two weeks. That is causing me a little bit of panic, too. He's requested baby stays put until after that, because it will be hard for him to get here if I do go into labor... and that is probable since all three girls have come after their guess dates. I asked him if it would be better if she came before (come on, next Saturday is 37 weeks peeps, I am so over this pregnant crap already). But it is better if she stays in. Of course if she did come before, it will all work out in the end. Everything will be fine and I know who to call around here for help. And my mom is only 2.5 hours away.

It will all be okay. In the end.

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