Some 32 week thoughts

32 weeks into my LAST EVER pregnancy 
(Please let that be true.)

~I don't remember getting this uncomfortable this early last time. 
~Why does my belly button hurt? It is stretched flat, but it feels like it is ripping. My skin is dry, I can't lather enough lotion/cremes/oils on it.
~Wow hormones suck. I am not pleasant to be around. Not.At.All.
~Sleep. Oh glorious sleep, last night I think I got about 5 hours uninterrupted sleep and it was blissful. Yet I still feel exhausted and grumpy.
~This little girl is so busy! She moves and wiggles and kicks so much. The other day she kicked me so hard in the same place over and over that it hurt like it was bruised. Thankfully she has moved and is no longer kicking me right there.
~I want to enjoy this last few months with my 3 girls, but I am so over this pregnancy at the same time. Being pregnant while 35 sucks. Being 35 isn't so bad but being pregnant and 35? Suck suck suck.
~I have no idea what I "need" for her. I just can't wrap my head around having another baby. Seriously I feel like I forgot everything about having a baby. And it has only been 2 years since we did this! I think part of it is dealing with a near-teenager and all of the things I am trying to do for her. And poor Gwen seems to get nothing.
~I am tired of being constipated. And not hungry but making myself eat. I miss enjoying food. I am really looking forward to the 6 weeks or so of post-partum/early-nursing hunger. 

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