Sitting at the zoo, watching Natalie run in the water and get wet. Rhayn and Gwen were off having a great time in another part of the water area. Next to me was a mom with 2 little girls. 2 girls, 2 year apart. And they were so very cute. The older sister held her little sister's hand and together they stood in the spray. Together they walked around, two peas, one slightly bigger in a pod.

Later on I saw two sisters about two years apart walking hand in hand around in front of us, giggling and playing happily.

And finally there was total peace about girl #4. Total peace because Natalie will have that little sister, this little one will have that awesome big sister in Natalie.

There will be fights, and there will be times when they hate each other. But I will have two beautiful little daughters. I will get to dress them in matching outfits. I will get to watch them have the relationship I always wanted to have (I had a brother who is less than 2 years younger than me, but it wasn't the same as having a sister and my sister is 9 years my junior and while I love her now, we didn't get to share clothes or really talk about boys or anything like that).

But mostly there will be so much love. So much fun.

And I am excited about it.


Amie said...

happy for you!

Cornfed Princess said...

I believe that the world needs more courage, strong, beautiful, spirited women. Thanks to you and your gorgeous soul we'll have four more of these wonderful women in the world!

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