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I am linking up to another blog this week. Like Mother, Like Daughter. 


She turned 12 yesterday. I can not believe how beautiful she is growing up to be. I mean, I can, maybe it is the growing up part I can not believe.

 The kids spent some time playing on the X-box Kinect. I am not a huge fan of video games, and we don't let them play all of time but for a little while they were really happy. 

I leaned over to take a picture of her more closely and she mimicked me. This picture just cracks me up. Also why we will probably never do red frosting on cupcakes again. The birthday girl wanted them to look like FIRE! and they did. 

I feel like, at 6 months. I am finally showing. And with all the movements and knowing there is another sweet girl growing in there, it is making baby #4 seem so much more real. The next few months are going to fly by I am sure and we will be welcoming her sweet soul into our family soon enough. But for now I am content for her to stay safely inside and be just mine. Mine.


Amy Caroline said...

I am not big on video games either. They bring out the worst in my kids, I think. There are only a few that they seem to be able to play without the eventual breakdown. One of them is Just Dance. Problem with that is that my four year old goes around singing the songs from it. Sometimes I wonder if they are worth it!!

Anyway, my rule of them is, if they are active games I allow it. But the minute there is any fighting away they go!

Sukie said...

Thanks for linking up!

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