Natalie Naps

Today she needs a nap so badly. Her nap yesterday was late so she was up late. Of course our day started around the normal time, so she is really tired today. We had a busy morning and she fell asleep in the car, but instead of moving easily (like I have been accustomed to) the dogs started barking and she woke up.

Today I would have gladly rocked and nursed her, but she didn't want that. She wanted to climb all over me, trying everything to stay awake, saying in her saddest voice "mama, mama, mama" pleading for something, but what?

So today she is laying in bed crying. The door is shut and I can tell she hasn't moved from her bed... but I feel like a bad mom for making her cry it out. I would have never done this with Rhayn, if she wouldn't nap easily I would just let her stay up. But we had no real schedule. Gwen always napped if I would hold and nurse her. Natalie is her very own person. Different from the other two. So what will this wee one growing within me be like? Will she need (and want) a schedule? Will she gladly let me hold her while she sleeps? Will she fight me, every step of the way? Will she be calm and sweet or will she run from me laughing hysterically?

Only time will tell. For now, the crying has stopped, and Natalie sleeps. I only hope she wakes up happy and ready for the rest of the day.

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