Facebook Gender Announcement

 I wanted to do something fun to announce our final baby's sex. And after hours of looking at silly gender reveal parties on Pinterest, I came up with something more like me. A choice of 2 shirts I could wear that day.

I then had Rhayn take a picture of me outside with my jacket zipped up.
And finally with my pink shirt showing proudly.
This is a 3D image from the ultrasound I had on Thursday. I have quite a few more but this is my favorite. It looks like she has a more round nose, like Gwen. But it is hard to tell before birth.

I am getting excited to think that in a few short months  we'll welcome her to our family. Right now I am trying to enjoy Natalie's last few months as my baby, but already she seems so big. She still nurses a few times a day, but between me distracting her and her being busy it is only at bedtime, wake up time and occasionally at naptime. I am torn on how I feel about her weaning. I'd like to be done but at the same time, I don't think she is 100% ready to be done. 

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