I love two year olds and I hate them at the same time. Why are they such a pain while being so cute? Seriously? She is so much fun sometimes (example last night she wanted more pasta and for some reason did this with it!)

Then there is the crappy sleep and whining. This morning we got up around 6:20 and all she did for 45 minutes was whine "mama, mama, mama". She wanted me to hold her, to nurse her, to give her everything. But I had no idea what she wanted besides "mama, mama, maaaamaaaaaaaaaaaa".

I am really grateful that she isn't a picky eater, nor does she have food sensitivities or allergies. I am so glad for that.

She isn't a runner. We go to a playgroup and she doesn't run from me like some of the kid her age do. This allows me to sit and listen to conversations. Rhayn was my runner. (And I really hope #4 isn't a runner!)


Briep said...

She is so stinkin cute!

lvh said...

She is cute like her Maaamaaaa used to be. All my nieces and nephews grew up way tooooo fast.

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