Year-End Gratitude

We woke up this morning to snow on the ground (and cacti and vehicles and trampoline) and falling from the sky. It was amazing and a perfect way to end a great first year in Sierra Vista. 

We are all thankful for our lives here. Everything here seems to just feel right. This slower pace of life fits what we want for our family as well as our interests. Our kids seem happier, though we all miss the good friends we made in the valley. 

~I am thankful to be 15 weeks into this pregnancy. Everything seems to be going well. I'm feeling better most of the time. (Not so much today, but that has to do with crappy sleep last night, I think.) I can feel the baby moving and can no longer sleep on my stomach. I want to get a picture of my belly, I look pregnant and I can't believe how quickly this is going. In 3 weeks we'll find out if we're going to have another girl or if our lives are going to change with a boy. 

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