I think I'm sick, like a cold or something. My throat started hurting last night and I was soon coughing, just a dry, painful cough. It didn't keep me up last night, thank goodness. But this morning I am still coughing and now my nose feels stuffy and my throat hurts more. I took a hot shower and thought it would help but it didn't.
Natalie's snotty, too. Her cheeks are red and blotchy.
I blew my nose and (gag) it tasted funky.

Bleh. I keep getting these little half-colds, where I just feel a little bit out of sorts for a few days. Hopefully this will be the same way, because a full-blown flu or cold would suck right now.

For now I think I'll make myself some throat coat tea and hope that I feel better because we're supposed to go meet some friends at the park later and I really wanted to go.

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