Gratitude Christmas Edition

This week I am grateful for
~Christmas! It is finally here. 
~Will being home, and good food that he's cooked/prepared for us the last few days.
~14 weeks along, the glorious second trimester and *hopefully* a lessening of the evening nausea. Hopefully feeling baby move more, I have felt baby move a little here and there, but I can't wait to be able to feel it all day AND the girls can not wait to feel the kicks.
~So many presents waiting under the tree, Santa doesn't even need to come to our house! 
~The girls' excitement about the gifts they picked for each other. 
~Putting away Christmas for another year and regaining this living space. Not that we haven't enjoyed the tree and the lights, but it will be nice to put the table back in its new position. (We had just moved it into the living room right before the Christmas season and it works well in this space.)

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