Potty training, breastfeeding and sentences

Natalie has a bad diaper rash. A pee and it burns kind of rash. She actually ripped her diaper off to pee on the floor because I guess it was less painful. I made her sit in the bath to rinse off after that. Then I made Rhayn distract her while I put diaper cream on her.

I have this optimistic hope that she'll potty train early. She tells me as soon as she goes. She doesn't like to be in a wet or soiled diaper. She has actually POOPED on her potty (she told me poo poo! and I looked in her diaper and saw nothing so I told her "no poo poo" and she pulled the diaper off, sat down and pooped.)

Sure I am probably getting ahead of myself, but since she has eczema on her tush, in and around where her diaper hits, I know her bottom doesn't feel great.

But I know, from pushing potty training on Rhayn that it will happen when it happens. When she was 2.5 I was sure she needed to potty train so I pushed and pushed her. Nothing. Then a week later... she was just done with diapers and only ever had accidents at night. Gwen was 3 and continued to have accidents until she was 5. She just didn't want to stop what she was doing.

Part of me wishes I could get Natalie trained so I only have Quattro in diapers. But another part of me knows that is so not going to happen and even if she is still in diapers it won't be for very long after Quattro comes.

The same with breastfeeding. Natalie is still nursing quite a bit. I thought I would be more irritated by it at this point. BUT I kind of hope she continues to nurse until Quattro comes so I can say I tandem nursed. She hasn't shown any signs of weaning, and I am only pushing night weaning on her. It has been slow going but she is starting to "get" that I won't let her nurse in the night time. She nurses before she goes to sleep, then she nurses in the morning (sometimes so I can sleep a little longer!)

On the word front- Natalie is saying sentences. "Daddy at work" "Where bubbles go?" (when her bath drains) and a friend watched her the other day and she asked her "Where mama go?" I love love love this! 

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Amie said...

How old is Natty now, I've lost track!

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