Crossed fingers.

Tonight my fingers are crossed that in the morning, at the ultrasound I have scheduled, everything will be perfect with Quattro. My fingers are also crossed that I will sleep well tonight because my nausea is worse if I don't sleep well and this week hasn't been a good sleep week (stuffy noses and 1 doesn't want to night wean toddler). Last night I was wide awake from 2-3 am. WIDE awake, and unable to shut of my brain (which was worried about half and half, stupid pregnant brain!) I hope that doesn't happen tonight. And we get to sleep in a little tomorrow morning because the girls asked me to drive them to school.
But tomorrow I will see the baby. Friday I have an appointment with the nurse at the OB/GYN office (including fun things like a pap).
And after that only 1 more week until Will gets home.
And less than 2 weeks until Christmas is here!

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