This week I am thankful for
~12 weeks and feeling what I think might be  little thumps occasionally from Quattro. 
~feeling a little less queasy during the day, most of the time, and able to eat almost everything. (Just wishing that the evenings weren't filled with the queasiness.)
~sleep, because I am able to sleep.
~friends around here who actually do stuff that makes me leave the house once in a while.
~An ultrasound on Thursday. Though this one makes me nervous because it is a called a Nuchal Translucency screening, it measures the amount of fluid in the back of the baby's neck. An excess of fluid build up can indicate chromosomal abnormalities (down's syndrome).   It was something I opted for, partially because of my age and partially because it means I get to see the baby this week. I am excited about that, but worried that there will be something wrong. If this test comes back abnormal then CVS or amino can be done to find out what (if anything) is wrong, or you can wait until birth. I only wish that Will was home to go with me to this.

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