Sighs of relief

Facing front, arms showing. 
After all of my worry there was nothing wrong. There is in fact one baby growing inside of me. One baby with hands and feet. Well at least one foot that I have a picture of, which is nice since during Natalie's ultrasounds I never saw feet and I had all of these nightmares that she wouldn't have feet, then with her weird position and feeling her heels kicking me all the time... I worried about it. But I saw 2 hands both rubbing a sweet little head and s/he flipped and turned and rolled and stretched all over. And I could feel some of it, some of those movements were obvious to me and I love that.

All in all it was so reassuring to see Quattro moving, heart beating.
I am pretty sure this one is another sweet little pink bundle. I think that if I make myself believe it is another girl in there I won't be (as) disappointed at the ultrasound in 6 weeks. SIX weeks until we can really find out. But for now I am thinking of names and still feeling nauseous and tired, so very tired, in the evenings.

And there is a perfect little one growing inside of me. 

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tif-do said...

So glad everything is doing well!!!

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