This week I am grateful for...

~ten weeks in, 30ish to go. Feeling better sometimes and worse others. I have caught a cold, and didn't sleep well last night which is a recipe for a puking disaster. 
~The holiday season, Christmas lights, music and our tree. 
~Rhayn, she is so responsible when I need her to be. Yesterday she watched Gwen and Natalie so that Will and I could go out for lunch, alone. (Because he was leaving this morning for another Army school.) And this morning while I was driving home from the airport (an hour and 1/2 away) she got herself and Gwen up, fed, dressed, and to the bustop by 7:20. 
~Gwen, she is so sweet and funny. 
~Natalie, who let me nap a. lot. today. I needed it after my crap-tastic night of sleep and 3 hours of being in the car. She even gently stroked my hair while I threw up this afternoon. 

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