I'm letting her cry it out right now in bed. I am tired of her "needing" me all night long.
Yes, she is still nursing, yes, she is still technically co-sleeping (which just means she sleeps in the same room as us, since she's transitioning to her own bed side-carred to ours). I don't want to wean her all the way, but I'd like her to be night weaned. Perhaps cold turkey night weaning is the only thing that will work?

Darn it. She had stopped crying and I thought maybe she would be asleep, but then the terror cries started again. She isn't hurt, she is just mad that she hasn't a boob in her mouth.

I want sleep. I have spent today feeling exhausted and the easiest thing would be to just go in there and nurse her back to sleep (and of course fall asleep along with her) but I need to change the way she sleeps. I thought it would be best on a weekend Daddy isn't home. I might have been wrong on that though.

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Amie said...

You'll get the full range of opinions on this one--what works for one parent won't for another, and you're learning, what works for one kid won't for another. I may have told you in the past that I daycared a kiddo once who would not sleep through the night for his mom and dad. We set up a Baby Bootcamp (as they called it) where I kept him for the weekend with the intention of getting him to sleep through the night. The first night he cried 55 minutes. Just as I was about to go in, console, and try again, he fell asleep, and from that moment on, he slept through the night. It's hard on moms and dads, but sometimes it's the best thing all around to help everyone move onto the next stage. OF COURSE this is a matter of my own opinion, and I think you yourself have argued the other side saying they are only young once, will grow up too fast, and if you can provide that love and care and comfort, why not...but again, different tactics work for different families. Good luck, I know you must have come to a breaking point to decide this option. She'll still love you in the morning. I promise. :)

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