Light headed

I spend about helf of my days lightheaded. I have nearly passed out a few times. It probably means I am lacking in iron or some other vital nutrient/mineral and I should probably go see a doctor about it.

Maybe it is from the heat? I mean it is 88 in the house right now.I'd like to have energy and feel up to doing things again. My house is suffering because I have no energy. I drink iced tea all day, because I feel the need for caffeine, and I am sure that isn't helping. I've given up coffee because it was making me feel funky.

I feel badly for my kids because I don't want to deal with them. I don't have the energy to deal with them.

Side note- Natalie can do a few signs. She does please, by rubbing both hands across her chest. I need a video of it, because it is hilarious. Tonight she told me all done after dinner by clapping. Close enough so I let her down. She is also trying to say words. She can say sister  (dih der), mama, dada thank you (kay koo). She will rawr if you ask her what a bear says (she doesn't bark or meow or neigh or oink, just the bear noise.)


Amie said...

There's so many things light-headedness could signify...you know your body, just be careful, ok? You might think about taking some extra vitamins and minerals (or 'beefing' up on actual...you know, beef?). Or your electrolytes could be out of whack. Do you sweat a lot with your house so warm? Do you take a lot of aspirin (blood thinners?) BE CAREFUL! (looky me...diagnosing you from here...)

Briep said...

that is no beuno. Hope it gets better soon.

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