Last night I went to a wedding with my cuz, Hairball. The groom was one of my bests in high school, and the bride is an awesome girl that I also went to high school with.

I was really nervous about going because a. I wasn't invited (I was Hairball's plus 1) and b. Ex-boyfriend extravaganza! We arrived and I couldn't stop shaking. There were so many of my old friends there, people I haven't seen in probably five years. We ended up sitting at a table with my ex's wife. She and I never got along (who would blame us, in the beginning of their relationship, and end of ours he went back and forth a bit). But it was awkward. 

There were so many hugs going around. Hugs from friends unseen (besides on Facebook) for 12 years and some even longer. It was rather like a high school reunion for most of the people I would even want to see from then. Hairball's brother was the only member of my posse that was missing and he was missed.

The conversations flowed and laughs happened. And in the end I was so very glad that I was able to go. And so very glad that I got to see my old friends. I am happy, so very happy for Darrell and his new wife. They seem to fit together perfectly.

And that was what it was all about.

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Elise said...

Just like the Hokey Pokey! Did your little girl survive?

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