Natalie 12 Month Newsletter

Dear Sweet Natalie,

Today you are one. It has been a crappy day because your sister is a mess. She started off our morning in a miserable way. It is hard to recover from that and thankfully you won't remember this day.

I am slacking with writing your monthly newsletters. I just can't seem to remember to do them, or I will remember and you or one of your sisters needs help.

Lately you've gone back to taking 2 naps. I have to say that I am grateful for that. You seem a lot happier when you get 2 naps instead of just one.
A month ago you started walking. You are almost ready to run, or at least you think you are. We love watching you walk because your hands look so silly. You waddle like a duck all over the house. 

Rhayn remains your favorite person besides me. Though sometimes you even prefer her to me, since she is more fun I think. I suppose I am alright with that. I know that the two of you will someday have an amazing friendship, just always remember that Gwen is around, too.

You are still happily nursing. I don't see that stopping any time soon. I'd like to nurse you until you are two. After that, we'll see. I only wish you didn't wake to nurse in the night. It is only 1 or 2 times usually, and you fall back to sleep so quickly. You aren't the same kind of nursling as Gwen was, you nurse to nearly asleep (most nights) and then pop off, roll around a little and fall asleep that way. I think if I were to night wean you, it was be just fine. But I am far too lazy. Honestly I nurse because I am lazy besides all of the benefits.

Next week you have a doctor appointment, with vaccines. I am curious how much you weigh, I assume 20 pounds, but we'll see. You are a chunky baby, and you seem heavier than Gwen was because she hung on when we held her. You just sort of hang there.

I hope you are a happy child and easy going would be nice. But no matter what, I will always love you,


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