Another quick one.

Just another quick update, since that is about all I can handle right now.

We signed the papers for our new home on Friday Dec 23rd.
The 24th we went to the zoo, as is our tradition.Christmas was spent in Coolidge with the family, after opening gifts at our house first.
Monday we had a nice family day at home.
Tuesday, the 27th, we headed up to see some SNOW! This trip deserves a post all to itself.
Wednesday we came home from the snow trip and found out that Will had the keys to our new home, which means the real work begins (for him- getting the house ready for us, and for me, getting this house packed up.)
Thursday Natalie turned 9 months old, and my mom came up to help me pack.
Which leads up to today- more packing, we actually have a few rooms nearly packed, a dent has been made in the super massive black hole o'crap we own.

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