It feels like life is whirling ever faster. We are only a few weeks from Christmas which is (hopefully) only a few weeks from our move. And I am not ready for either.

Our house is decorated for Christmas, our tree is up and the stockings are hung. This morning we were visited by St. Nicholas, who left the girls each a small gift, some Christmas socks and a bag of mixed nuts (in the shell- they look forward to that tradition each year). This is not something we celebrated growing up, but a tradition that they celebrate at the girls' school. I first heard of it when Rhayn was in kindergarten. And honestly we don't do it every year- I think we forgot last year. This year though, I am/was on the ball.Yesterday I had an eye appointment so Natalie and I spent a little time at the mall play area. She was not really sure what to think, and really she just wanted to nurse. It is a decent place to do that at least. I will be going back with her in a week or so and hopefully she'll play for a little longer. My prescription for glasses was upped again, just a little bit but I knew it would be. Things are not as crisp as they used to be. So I spent some money on new glasses. Totally different frames this time- which I will have in a few weeks, and yes, I will post pictures when I get them. I am excited about one pair- though I was told they are quite delicate and I did get a warranty on them. The second pair was $39.95 with purchase of a first pair, so I went ahead and bought a cheapish pair of at home glasses. If I don' t like them (or if Will doesn't because it matter what he thinks!) I can exchange them within 90 days, and they were from Sears which has a location in Sierra Vista and I think it has an optical center.

Don't tell Gwennie I posted this on here, though I only promised not to post it on Facebook, I said nothing about my blog. Sneaky, sneaky mama. Both she and Rhayn have tried on this Christmas gift, and I really hope its recipient enjoys it, too. I am done with 3 gifts for relatives, only 2 more to go. I have some ideas for the girls, too. I just need to get working, though much of it is hard since Natalie wants to be held a lot. She won't always feel this way and I try to remember that when I am holding her sleeping body while I am trying to knit over her head. But I love that she snuggles, Rhayn only did when she was sick. Gwennie remains a snuggle buggle and most of the time I really love that.

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